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Nail Surgeries

Nail Surgeries

Problems like infection, swelling, or redness around your nails can cause an ingrown nail. When you visit our clinic for the first time, our doctors will assess your nails and look at the cause of the problem. Let us discuss some major types of nail injuries and their treatment options at our clinic.

Nail Bed Injury:

This problem in your nails can be caused due to an injury. In the case of nail bed injury, you might experience pain and discomfort in the affected area. Before the nail becomes infected, you must visit our clinic to get the treatment done comfortably. When a force is applied directly to your nails or a cut is made on nail by a sharp object, you can get a nail bed injury. However, you can get the normal shape of your nails back after going through a nail surgery.

Before starting with the treatment, the doctors will take an x-ray of the affected area. This is to check whether your bones are in a good condition or they are fractured. Then, to start with the surgery, local anesthesia is applied to eliminate any kind of discomfort while the procedure. In most of the cases, when the injury is severe, the nail is removed and the stitches are applied. After a couple of months, the nail will grow back again.

Nail Avulsion:

This problem can is mainly caused due to an infection or ingrown nail. After getting any kind of treatment, you may get a hard layer developed on your nails. The main reason for the same is infection. To cure this problem, the doctors remove that nail plate from the infected finger or toe. After getting this surgery done, you may experience pain, fever, or redness. You can reach out to the doctors at our clinic when you face any of these problems.

To avoid further infections, the doctors will prescribe some antibiotics and other such essential medicines. Taking these medications for some months will help in growing a healthy nail again. For the best outcomes, you will have to take care of your nails after the treatment. Always make sure that you keep that nail clean and dry.

At our clinic, we have been treating several types of nail problems with particular surgeries at an affordable rate. Thus, to get your nail back to the shape, you must get a suitable surgery from our specialized surgeons.

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