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Minor Skin Surgeries

Minor Skin Surgeries

A healthy skin assists us in improving self-confidence and our beauty. But sometimes, due to some of the other reasons, a small skin problem ruins our beauty. However, you can get rid of those skin problems at our clinic through minor skin surgeries. All the skin surgeries will be comfortable and painless for you. The surgeon will inject local anesthesia before starting the surgery. Let us discuss some minor skin surgeries.

Milia Removal:

Milia appear to be like acne but are small white cysts. These are caused in your skin due to the accumulation of keratin at a particular part of your body. When you notice something like milia is degrading your appearance, then you must visit our clinic for the diagnosis of the problem. After diagnosing these white cysts, the surgeons at our clinic will start with the treatment. The procedure, as well as the method selected by these doctors for removing the milia, may differ according to the location, type, and size of the same.

Mole Removal:

Moles, that are small black dots that appear naturally on your skin. They may not get rid of it until you get a minor mole removal surgery done at our clinic. They attract the attention of the people and thus, you may lose your confidence due to the same. One of the most common ways to remove these moles is by a laser. High energy laser beams are capable of breaking down the components of a mole and hence removing it. Some of the moles can simply be shaved off the skin after applying local anesthesia.

Skin Tag Removal:

A person may feel uncomfortable about a skin tag. However, it can be simply removed by minor skin surgery at our clinic. Liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze the region of your skin tag. Then, by using the precise set of instruments, the skin tag is carefully cut are removed from your skin.

What Can You Expect?

Minor skin surgeries are performed by the professional hands of our surgeons. Based on your problems, the best suitable skin surgery is initiated. At our clinic, we ensure that the person who is undergoing minor skin surgery does not experience any pain or discomfort. When the surgery is concluded, they are satisfied and happy with the results. They are overwhelmed by joy when we deliver the expected results at an affordable cost.


Skinalaya - Advanced Skin Care & Plastic Surgery in Rohini, Delhi

Skinalaya - The Most Trusted Skin Specialist in Delhi and Skin Specialist in Rohini Delhi

Skinalaya is dedicated to skin care & aesthetic practices in a scientific & ethical way to promote skin care. It is located in the Rohini,Delhi,India. It has a tradition of being there for the last 10 years. We are serving the society to treat different skin ailments in ethical way. The clinic has seen dermatology growing from infancy to its present status.

Our Vision

At Skinalaya - Our constant endeavour is to make people look good in their own skin by enhancing their skin health. We at Skinalaya aim to build a dedicated centre of excellences envisaged to provide its patronage the most exclusive services to treat a wide spectrum of disease conditions ranging from acne to hair transplant.

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To establish Skinalaya as one of Preferred Skin Care Centre using the latest technological advances with an emphasis on patient care and safety - delivering world class quality for patients.

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Skinalaya is dedicated to skin care & aesthetic practices in a scientific & ethical way to promote skin care. It is located in the Rohini, Delhi, India.