The change of weather offers many changes in your skin as well. The changes in humidity and temperature in winter cause adverse effects on the skin. We all have different types of skin, and almost all areas of skin, like the nose, chin, and forehead, suffer winter damage, which leads to premature aging, drying and the appearance of sallowness. Cold air outdoors, dry heat indoors, low humidity levels, and harsh winter wind can all zap your skin with moisture. It leads to less radiant skin not only on the face but also feet and many other areas. It is vital to take care of your skin and follow winter skin care tips. You can consult the best Dermatologist to know about your skin and its needs. The skin care expert will help you. There are steps to keep your skin looking healthy, even when temperatures dip. There are many skin treatments available nowadays that can help your skin to stay radiant, plumper and soft in winter. 

Why Is Winter Care Treatment Necessary?

Winter is undoubtedly the best season with no sweating, cute sweaters and many other things to enjoy except skincare issues. Skincare routines during winter can be challenging, especially if you need to prepare for it in advance. Firstly, you must understand that following good winter skincare tips involves more than just changing your cream specially made for dry skin in winter. Luckily, Dry skin treatments are available to keep your skin looking and feeling young and healthy all winter. Dry winter skin is no joke, and custom dry skin care facial treatments at Skinalaya can help to heal skin during winter months and reverse your winter skin damage effectively. These specially designed and custom skin treatments help to restore moisture and rehydrate skin during winter. Exfoliation also helps to brighten skin complexion and is best to reset your skin in winter.

Effects of Not Taking Care of Your Skin in the Winter

Warm air has a capacity for holding water and moisture compared to cold air. When the temperature drops during winter, the air has less water than your skin needs, and the lower humidity also causes the skin not to obtain the moisture levels that it needs. Expert dermatologists always advise you to take care of your skin during winter because if you do not, the cold air can cause the skin to dry, leading to several issues with the health of your skin. The dry skincare routine is vital for you as dryness leads to many skin issues like cracking, itchiness, chapping, and redness, and it also simply worsens existing skin concerns like acne or eczema. There are many skin problems that you can experience during winter if you don't take proper care : 

  • Eczema
  • Xerosis
  • Cold urticaria
  • Chapped lips
  • Chafing 
  • Itchy or flaky eyelashes 
  • UV damage 
  • Dry and cracked heels

Caring for winter-friendly skin requires extra effort and time, along with consultation from the best skincare specialist. Visit Skinalaya, one of the advanced skin care clinics offering many skin treatments to help you maintain moisture during winter. Changing weather also calls for changes in the basic skincare routine steps, and experts here also help with that as well.

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Winter?

The harsh, cold environment and dry indoor air during winter can leave skin in a less-than-ideal shape and excessively dry. Your skin keeps itself hydrated by taking moisture from the environment, but when humidity levels decrease, it gets dehydrated and feels dry. The cold-biting winds rob water from your skin and make it dry and chapped, and it is vital to keep your skin healthy in winter. Below are listed 7 tips for winter skincare that will help you to keep your skin healthy, moisturized and good-looking all season long.

  • Hydration - the foundation of winter care 

Winter comes with dryness, which snatches your skin's moisture, and thus, hydration is key. It is best to change your moisturizer during winter because the products you use in summer may not work in winter the same way. Shift to a heavy, cream-based moisturizer as it will prevent skin irritation and is best for your dry skin, that helps to soothe your skin.

  1. Get mild cleanser 

It is best to change your cleanser during winter if you feel your face dry and tight after washing. During winter months, you need a milder, more moisturizing cleanser that won't dry out your skin and also balances your skin's pH levels.

  • Eat healthy food

During winter months, it is vital to maintain a healthy diet to maintain your water level and also to boost sebum production in the body, and it is among the best winter skin care tips to follow. Add vitamins E, A and C to your diet to maintain good skin care. Go for fruits like pineapple, banana, papaya, etc.

  • Humidifier - 

Purchase a humidifier as it helps to add moisture to closed spaces and helps skin retain moisture naturally; it is the best dry skin care treatment during winters. Having more water in the air acts as a natural moisturizing agent, which helps to prevent and relieve skin dryness.

  • Exfoliate 

During winter, exfoliating two to three times a week is recommended by expert skincare specialists. It is necessary to exfoliate gently in a circular motion that helps to increase blood flow to your skin. It is the best skincare routine that you should follow during the winter months to stay away from dryness.

  • Avoid hot water baths. 

People don't have an idea about how hot water affects skin texture. It is best to avoid hot water baths during winter as it removes all essential oils from your skin. Many dermatologists advise keeping the water temperature below 110 degrees. If you notice that your skin becomes red while you bathe, then it is vital to bring the temperature down.

  • Apply sunscreen - you still need it. 

Many things say that there is no need for sunscreen during winter. But as per expert skincare specialists, winter does not mean you don't need sunscreen. It is advised to use sunscreen with a high UVA rating all year round; it is best to protect your skin and is one of the best dry skin treatments in winter.


Thankfully, maintaining good skin during wintertime and protecting from cold, dry air won't require an entirely new skincare routine — all you should do is follow dermatologist-approved tips to keep you and your skin covered and protected during winter. Experts at Skinalaya, one of the best and most advanced skin care clinics in Delhi, serve many to treat different skin ailments ethically. They will assist you to feel great about your skin and help you take care of your skin by offering winter skin care tips after evaluating your skin and its needs. It is counted amongst the best skincare clinics, offering an exclusive range of aesthetic skin treatments supported by the best skin specialists in Delhi to give our patients the required look.


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Skinalaya is dedicated to skin care & aesthetic practices in a scientific & ethical way to promote skin care. It is located in the Rohini, Delhi, India.